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You know it's a party when everyone results to drunken accapella. #faithcon

Watching Glee and eating breakfast burritos with and . #thisishowweroll

Gonna be one of those nights w/

Still cant get over how amazing the spaetzle gratin was at Spire on 3rd St. Thx to my Ubi friends for finding it.

Pre-gaming to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Awe yeah. #thisishowweroll

OMG, I want. At the Need for Speed event in SF w/ and I saw this:

Holy shit, Dave Mustame (from Megadeath/Metallica) is playing Guitar Hero.

New speaker tags for my A30s! Did a test print with some art from Struggle Inc that I loved. Totally keeping it.

Eatin' Pop Rocks on some tower w/ , , , and . Good times.

Totally agreed, time for Razz Apple Magic Fun Dip!

OMG YES. Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, Warheads or airplanes... What to pick?!

This is how you play Rock Band.

The Official America's Cup Sailing Simulation. This looks like a MUST BUY. #funnythingsatEA

YES. Official Portal 2 t-shirt acquired. And in my size. :D #win

Lanning with the crew. Now this is one hell of a view to LAN with...

StarCraft 2 acquired! Okie, time to install now. Giggity.

Ending #SDCC with seeing Deadmau5 live along with and . Hellz yeah.

Remember when I asked about what custom tags I should make for Star Wars Day at #SDCC? Here you go. Rebels FTW.

Picked this little guy up from last night's festivities (LEGO X-Wing). Couldn't help myself from building it. :D

Another epic Family Dinner. This week, Ikea Edition with Sweedish meatballs. And PBR.