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About to see Crystal Castles for the first time. FINALLY. #giddy #Coachella

Afrojack crowd at w/ and . BOOYAH.

Totally musically bonding with and on our way down to . Gonna be a rad weekend.

Rocked out at with and . Pro-tip: THIS SHOW IS AWESOME.

Mmm. Cheesy tater tots at Butter. Best bar ever cuz it's named Butter. And they make cheesy tater tots.


Now featuring the hella rad from rocking out.

Only the most epic birthday cake would be appropriate for . Happy birthday dude!

Heading over to for a bit, time to bust out my Rebel tags. Who's gonna be there?

Yay! My first King Cake decoration. Nothing fancy but it looks super tasty. :D

Mission shenanigans with , , result in running into a pedo-van. For realsies.

Props to and for an epic katsu curry night. Haven't
ever ate that much pork in one sitting.

Crysis 2 MP isn't bad at all, very much influenced by Black Ops. COD skills definitely can carry over too.

Wow. I'm the biggest ass in #CODBlackOps right now.

Wow. I'm the biggest ass in #CODBlackOps right now.

d on3nightstan omg

Ok, a bit better. Not the same challenge but still better. Thx for the advice . :D

This Free For All BlackOps match should be fun. Let's see how I do.

The grocery store across the street is going out of business. :/ Freakin' creepy, like Fallout 3 style.

You know when your high school class has a good reunion budget when...