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Most content in this account is NSFW. I'm 21, feeder, Youtube Partner since 2011, casual gamer, former brony and a Microsoft Technology Associate

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For tea tonight. Chilli con carne, rice, bakedbeans, salad, tomatoes, pretzels, sweetchilli Mayo and sweet chilli

For tonight. Pork, onions, mash potato, garlic bread, BBQ sauce, crisps and gravy

For lunch. Burgers, ham, fish fingers, bread, fried bread, crisps and BBQ sauce

For tonight. Bacon, egg, toast, crisps, baked beans, chickeb balti and BBQ sauce

For tea tonight. Chicken tika, rice, poppadom, ham, tomato bread, crisps, Mayo and BBQ sauce

For lunch, it cost me £2.05. Chicken bites for £1. A muffin for £0.45, Cherryade for £0.40 and space raiders £0.2

Then some donuts warmed up for afters

For lunch. Roast gammon, carrots and butternut squash, sausages, potatoes, sprouts, cinnamon, gravy and BBQ sauce

A morning breakfast of cold donuts while video editing

I did also buy 16 donuts (4 bags of 4) for £6.50.

late tea. A large hot dog and onions fro the fair for £2.50. Then corn on the cob, crisps, lettuce, Crunchy nut

To an empty square on a wild night

Saturday night at the fair as it starts to go down and pack up

A amazing Indian takeout for tonight. Lamb balti, spinach, rice, poppadom, naan bread and sauce

For tonight. Sausages, chips, rice, ham, biscuits, baked beans and ketchup. Crisps come later

A quick £0.60 for orangeade and space raiders for lunch today

A stormy goose fair in Tavistock earlier tonight. Blog post to go with it soon

For lunch today. A 1/2lb burger and chips for £7.00 and crisps with ketchup

For tonight. Cottage pie, brown bread, crisps, salad cream and ketchup

For lunch today. Chicken curry, rice topped with cinnamon, ham, crisps, chocolate spread and ketchup