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AroundMe is kinda wack. I'm in Kebayoran Baru, and this is the "nearest coffee shop" it suggests.. what the what?

coming home to this kind of dinner after a rough long day : PRICELESS. home sweet home

been 3 years already, time flies huh. happy anniversary, riot cubbie.

you know I'm the type that goes to work wearing these.

loads of people have been complaining about the weather. this is how I do it.

si Bapak ini buset deh, garuk2 selangkangan, ngupil seenaknya banget. saya duduk di kursi depan WOOIIII!!

struggling to understand what Closclow is. Chad LeClosclow? #garingnyet

tie dye skirts and loud socks are already bad, but dressing a pre-teen in fishnet stockings? por que?

oh brother. gonna be one loooooooong night. #goodluckMumford

nope. all white round here.

just because I need to properly wake up before getting actual food.. #wakeywakey

halo , ini ngga pantes dan ngga lucu. you scum.

the latest TIME cover. ..eerily heartbreaking. depressing article too -,9171,2137420-1,00.html

brrrr. good morning, get your cardis and wellies out, and get moving!

cieeee ! ahuhuy aku udah terima loh Ceeeuuu ;D this just ain't right.

we be doin some weekend shoppiiinnnn

no biggie, kids. it's not like other customers are waiting for you. we've got til the end of time hey.

field trip tomorrow bebeh!

want one? Tempo Scan Tower, 19th fl. now. claim em before they go down my hatch.