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OS X Yosme’s OpenType menu added a mysterious »Alternates« section that makes up random small caps and stuff.

OS X Yosemite still hasn’t figured out how to sort font styles.

Favorite new OS X Yosemite feature? The crazy bold capital Eszett.

The OpenType menu should only show features that exist in the font. OS X does this but it’s buried and sorted poorly.

I really love ’s Minotaur. Makes me want to play more D&D.

Same designer as the Chicago flag, btw. Maybe some politics here since the cheesy official flag was made by the DAR.

Procrastiresearch. Trying to figure out why BB&S offered this IL flag in 1925. That was never the state flag.

Triangular Van Krimpen -style hyphens for Cooper Black ➼

Looks weird on my end:

iOS 8’s bolder text option is a bit much in menu headers.

Chicago had a printer’s supply house run by Al Frank, who’d burn wood type, cuts, and cases in a drum for heat.

How much does Milton Glaser like the band Yes?

Two-line sectional letters for the Linotype.

Hobo knockoff lettering from a 1910? Linotype specimen.

Today's favorite feature, highlighted vertical strokes that aren't exactly true to the italic angle

Figured out how to add custom icons for my tools :

Rotalics, schmotalics. Time to introduce the Rotroman.