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Professional pun·tif·i·ca·tor serving the internet at large. Current Senior Editor for The @Verge. Former Editor for @Engadget and @Joystiq.

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Pizza, wings, and booze-laced cookies. #FOOTBALL

What's a Chinatown parade without Verizon hawking 4G and Fios? Happy New Year

Decemberists concert. They will look like giants—erm, wrong band. Nevermind.

Even Taxi TV is exasperated by the weather. "Frigid... Again?"

Confused sperm meets devil Kanye #SubwayArt

This is only the fries portion of 's best dinner #InNOut

Today's first WTF is brought to you by GameChurch: "üb3r pwnage since 33 AD" #JesusSavesGrenades #Vegas #CES

Four Loko in the wild. Should I stock up for CES?

Central Park sunset!

Photoshop this: "I fucking love snow!!!"

Finally grab a cab (total wait time: 70min). First thing I see? Our ad, of course

Hell yes I'm rocking 's spare rainbow gloves. And not a fuck was given. Halfway through taxi line

Behold thine taxi line!

Forget everything I said about Walmart I just met a 5ft penguin in the magazine aisle

Another day, another Angry Birds leve—oh, right, it's over. My life is three stars of emptiness.

here's the table of contents

So and I might have an angry birds addiction

My last act in NY before Christmas: destroying something beautiful. More than just the gum drop buttons