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There is absolutely nothing going on here tonight. What are my tickets for? Nothing at all. Nope. cc

Fruit Loop Omelet!

Finally, Sky Magazine puts on the map

People, what *is* this playground game?

Someone already fixed the "its / it's" with a pen — now to find white out and destroy the dramatic comma at the end.

"I took a sheet in the pool." My five-and-a-half year-old self can't stop giggling. Bravo, bus stop ad. Bravo.

I've stumbled upon the aftermath of a date where someone admitted to being an Uno World Champion. #ForeverASkipTurn

Local creative garden and a deconstructive performance :(

Caption this bizarrely large Seattle billboard advertising the goats of Montana.

So much of 's electric guitar exhibit is about companies fighting for patents. I read this in ' voice

First WASPy awkward motherfucking dance motherfudger cc

First WASPy awkward motherfucking dance motherfudger cc

Okay, last tweet is plucking from Terrence Malick's Tree of Wine. Cc

Wine trees. Indigenous only in temperate climates and seasons of matrimony.

The grooms amen pass by. Missed , here's blurry , very unhappy by my camera

And we begin! Here's walking up to the tune of "Georgia on my Mind" awwwwww yeeeeeeea

Shh... Bought a new suit but mistakenly thought I had packed black socks. I'm a classy motherfucker cc

The schedule and gotta-catch-em-all photo card cc

Pre-ceremony coffee, love jazz, and an adorably rustic venue. Mnstrm Seattle, bro cc

Sneak peak: bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding. Cc