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your kerning sucks.

a custom 4" dunny for denver's silent auction for sndf. i love spray paint!!!

sunday movies: 2 stories packaged w/ a huge CMY venn diagram and music video screenshots. miss the broadsheet!

today's g cover w/ an awesome illustration by ! =)

admiral ackbar: i shall call him mini-me. #starwars

what google suggested to me as i tried to type "short asian hair." WTF.

it's bring your admiral ackbar and toy to work day!

random: {whale/moustache} =P

today's g cover about porn twisting our attitudes on sex. my headline too! you may need to squint or stand back.

check out tomorrow's g cover with a kick ass #madmen illustration by ! i love it!!!

7/11 - never forget

america fuck yeah:

random idea / sketch: that's a moray! =)

today's g cover with louis c.k.:

some a-hole tried to steal it or eff it up though. thankful the ignition and key still works!

always forget how much i love riding my ruckus scooter. reminded every time i move. =)

my biz card: using this for years w/ info that'll never change. frosted clear plastic:

that's what i did. had same biz card for several years (+ 5 moves).

new old lady / shopping cart haz STEERING. so excited! yeah, it doesn't take much. =P need to pimp my cart!

finally messing around with an idea i've had for MONTHS. i'm on a (sushi) boat: