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I just got a drawing back of my selfie and it's everything I could have hoped for, and more

I love this shirt. 'No heaven, no hell, just black cats' bonus black cat included. Shirt photos are hard w/o mirrors

I have won the affection of 1 cat

Neither of my cats want to hang out on the couch ;_;

fuck yes

The biggest problem with working from home

On the last ep of season 4 of sons of anarchy, so close to being fully caught up

All black cats all the time

Best candy ever.

My dad still never texted me back about sharing a diet coke and he read it at 4pm :( why are you doing this

Taking a picture of people taking a picture of the charging bulls balls.

I got excited about this diet coke and texted a picture of it to my dad and he didn't reply :( Thanks

Pre-scare, all cuddly loving kitty dude.

He's mad at me and won't come over because I accidentally scared him a few min ago and he puffed up :(

this one always has to be in my immediate area or he cries

Just your average Saturday, holding hands with my cat and watching tv.

Can someone read Japanese? Is this spam or someone sending stuff to the wrong address? I've gotten like 10 today

Some dude kept on trying to talk to me on the subway and was calling me jenn and I was so confused re:

Brooklyn js pops