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I did not just pick up this onesie and say "it is not thanksgiving". clearly I need a beer.

Never litter on the highway or will get you!!!

I love this woman. it feels kind of awesome that so many are now becoming fans. She totally deserves it.

Me right now. Definitely need a break

I think these 12 resolutions pretty much sum it up.

The Oscar Meyer wiener mobile came by my work today and gave everyone weenie whistles but me.

How do you know where I live?!? I never programmed this in my phone!

I need some help. A beautiful female pitbull needs a loving home ASAP! If you're in southern CA please help!

After 13 months and 2 promotions, Starbucks is finally acknowledging my existence! I got my partner card today!


I am in love with this picture. I saw it on Instagram and I'm love with it. Yup. I have a problem

"You can't let go of something you never held/ Still I foolishly cling to you as you slip through my fingers"

Yes I'm single but I'd make a great boyfriend ... #thismademyday

Having my niece apart of my playlist is something I'll never get over...

I need to get my father this shirt for Father's Day. Now to figure out what to get my mother for Mother's Day...

On my bike. I have way too much energy right now! "Train insane or remain the same!"

This made me laugh pretty hard

congrats! Don't ever give up! Make this your motto!

I built this today. I'll be spending hours on this thing while reading. Definitely need to get a more comfy seat.

"Whatever you do, always give 100%! Unless..."