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  • 2564 days ago via api
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Comin at you today at the Black Sheep bar in Colorado Springs, CO. Last time we were here was in 07 with Otep and Invitro if my memory serves me right.

  • 2686 days ago via site
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Chad from Mudvayne was cool enough to lend me his red monkey suit

  • 2691 days ago via site
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Here we go with the shenanigans. Will's playing the last song with Bury Your Dead. Mark's playing guitar. Killer!

  • 2693 days ago via site
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Bury Your Dead's raging right now. Expect some last night of the tour shennanigan's.

  • 2693 days ago via site
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What up people! Coming at you today from the Lonestar Amphitheater in Lubbock, TX. We've had some awesome shows at this place.

  • 2696 days ago via site
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We're playing Sunken Gardens here in San Antonio, TX. One of my favorite spots to play. The crowd here always goes off. The weather's pretty decent too.

  • 2697 days ago via site
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Yo! I wasn't aware we were still doing this Twitter page, so, I appologize for being away for so long. So, here we go again. We're at the Concrete Street Amphitheater here in Corpus Christi, TX. Haven't been here in a few years, but, it still smells t

  • 2698 days ago via site
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Fuck yeah. We're today. This is one of the best venues in the country. The best dressing rooms by far. Ammenities includa a steam room, a hot tub, a video game room, and a full basketball court. We love this place.

  • 2802 days ago via site
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We're at this place, The Chameleon Club, out here in Lancaster, PA. This place reeks of cigarettes and asshole. Apparently, GWAR was here last night. Those guys definately leave their mark. - Tony

  • 2803 days ago via site
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Ah, the old Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. We've been here so many times, with so many bands, I can't even begin to remember. It's always been fun here and we love coming back. - Tony

  • 2805 days ago via site
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We're at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, PA tonight. Sean Glass tells me we played here together when he was in Soil but, for the life of me, I can't remember. Must've been a good night. - Tony

  • 2806 days ago via site
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The dreaded haunted pool I was refering to. Any minute, I expect 2 creepy little girls to appear and say to me "Come play with us Tony. Come play with us, forever, and, ever, and ever."

  • 2811 days ago via site
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Playing The Rave tonight here in Milwaukee, WI. We're down in the small room over by the haunted pool. - Tony

  • 2811 days ago via site
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Crazy fans hanging out way too early here @ the Mansfield Convention Center in Great Falls, MT. This one guy said he'd been waiting his whole life for us to come to town. Something tells me he won't be dissapointed. - Tony

  • 2812 days ago via site
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Here at the Oregon National Guard Armory in Medford. Dammit. How many times do we have to say it. Static-X first, then the cage fighting. Oh wait. That's tomorrow. Nevermind. - Tony

  • 2817 days ago via site
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Tommy Lee Joining us on Stage 5/4/09.

  • 2818 days ago via site
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we're here at the Senator Ballroom here in chico, CA today. Last time we were here, I believe was early 07 with Otep and Invitro. That was a great show, so, I expect this one to be killer also. - Tony

  • 2818 days ago via site
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House of Blues Vegas tonight. It's an early show tonight. Doors are at 5! Oh yeah. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at the KUPD fest yesterday in Phoenix. - Tony

  • 2822 days ago via site
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We're at the old Gothic Theater in Denver. Haven't played this place in years. I think last time, we opened for Staind here. Should be fun tonight. - Tony

  • 2825 days ago via site
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