Things can only happen once.

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This guy. Blue shirt grey hair. I call Fed on him.

I fucking love the . OMG we're defining molestation just ban convicted child rapists!

Is the process driving you insane? Slowly losing your fragile grip on reality?play with the !

Proposal to ban level three sex offenders from joining the GA. We either do that or ban kids. Seriously.

Antiwar and pro Palestine march Saturday new years at Copley.

At least 200 here tonight.

Make me.

#Occupyboston GA is about to start at Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street. Join us!

Picture from now-over anti #NDAA #occupyboston protest at JFK bldg. GA at Emmanuel church on Newbury street at 7 pm.

Police raid expected at #occupyboston within two hours.

Goodbye #occupyboston. It was fun.


So a paddy wagon pulls up to #occupyboston and ten minutes later we have to put down a fight.Sure, that's a coincidence

human powered cell phones at #Occupyboston. Got juice? #ows #occupy Ralley at #occupynortheastern in 40.

As we said when riots began in Egypt and Tunisia, "It's spreading...."

GA formalizes peaceful plan to regroup in the event of a raid and eviction #occupyboston #ows #deweypark #occupy

#occupyboston planning a peaceful response to a predicted unprovoked raid. #Deweypark #ows #occupyboston.