@stuffmc's international* Cocoa/Objective-Conference at the ♥ of Europe… September 11 & 12, 2012 [ http://objcgn.com ]

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It's time to update all the graphics for 2013. Expect some use of our wonderful European flag ;)

You might wanna hit this link on ObjCGN.com — Lors of cool pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/objcgn/

Uploading the Panel of Day 2, with as well some speakers from Day 1 in the game! ;-) Should be online tonight so :)

Finally exporting the last bit of video, the Panel, Day 2, which, of course, will be free! See you soon, #finalcut ;-)

If you wanna know what is referring to in this picture you might want to check out http://gum.co/OC12B5 ;-)

have yet to see such an ideal room for a conference :-) Here is the "chair" disposition as of now ;-) Got your Ticket?

Look, 's badge is (almost) ready -- so are those of all of you who booked (or will book today). Go! Go! Go!

600m from the Day location to the Evening location. There was no way we could make this better ;-) Just awesome...

Yeaaah! Submitted to from . I guess many of you use this awesome app from David.

What do you guys think about that? :-) #stickers #apple #logo

Updated the website with our "1 day" Price. Again, limited seats, but you might want to take this "light" version ;-)

Guess what we're busy with, today ;-) Ordering something :) One of the many reason I will close the selling soon...

Hey, look, we're even ready for iOS 6 ;-) ObjCGN.app at least ;-) We can't submit that though... Too bad...

And the next good news... Currently uploading ObjCGN.app 1.1 which is the version you'll bring with you! ;-)

Even #iPhoto knows how near to each other the day (top left pin) & evening (bottom right pin) locations are...