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Sorry here is a pic of Salim, new team member with nylean25

Lunch sirloin steak burger-no cheese,less than 500 cals

I'm sitting here now with ur sis, eating kebabs and talkin about u

RT: is a beast he will make u work out by sending u a picture omggg im sccred

2days FitHero April , our newest additon 2 the team. Enjoy ur sandwich

2days Fithero , had a baby 3 mnths ago & back in shape njoy ur sandwich!

Bacon Caramel Toffee? Are you kidding me? And we wonder why 67% of Americans r overweight or obese

It was tough walking away. The red velvet cupcake was seriously calling me but I did it.

Acai berry blast smoothie, also sooo tasty happy lunchtime

Omg Omg! The Energy Burger is amazing, under 500 cals and a super nrg boost.

Todays #fithero with her sandwich coupon. Gabrielle S. Lost 6lbs in 2wks w/nylean25

This is what happens when u eat too much bodega food. Meet mooches the FAT BODEGA CAT

The best workout face ever, getting his lean going, love it!

Todays storm has been crazy, hope ur all ok

Just washed my daughters hair-her mom is gonna kill me

Great 2 get out of the city

5. Pull Ups 5-20 reps. Repeat all exercises 3 times. Then run intervals for 10-20 mins. Enjoy!

4. Dips 8-20 reps

3. Rows 8-10 reps

2. Push ups 12-25

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