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Chaotic good, peripatetic, unconventional, gregarious. Labels are for canned goods.

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: not even a status code. how rude.

I think there's something wrong with my brain being broken. (cc )



blew my shock and gave away my shifter, this is my ride home—if it will stop overheating.


it's a tough life, being a cat.

it's a tough life, being a cat.

spontaneous napping: just add book!

parking spot buddies!

Get paid.

smoke horses every day ♫

club sandwich and mint julep for breakfast. today is ostentatious day at the racetrack.

TurboTax knows that people like me go to their parents every year to do our taxes. on the same computer as 2002.

I *had* a beer problem, but last night some friends helped me take care of it:

going to be a cold one tonight.

this toy was a huge hit, but also was pretty well destroyed after only four days.

in retrospect, riding up to the city tonight was probably a bad plan.

: like this? I pretty much never use it.

: this shirt's material is fine, but the screen printing is pretty disappointing