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Tank, Mage, Healer. "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein

  • 1289 days ago via site
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Oblivion looks powerful when he attacks. I made a few existing pets of mine battle ready: Drudgen, Sword of Nulgath, Larvae of Nulgath for instance. Crag and Oblivion Blade have easy quests to grab a battle version of them too. The code that keeps their quests private didn't allow me to make the original pets battle ready. I also added some new items to Juggernaut and a few other surprises in my zone you'll have to find for yourselves. Have fun!

  • 1323 days ago via site
  • 12,923

This little guy looks pretty vicious when he follows you and fights in battle. If you know my area, you know these guys are usually trying to kill you. It's nice to have them fight for you for a change.

  • 1323 days ago via site
  • 6,032

The code that causes the Betrayal blade to change form didn't work with the pets attacks so I had to split all the individual blades into separate pets. But now you can choose the one like. With some luck. =)

  • 1323 days ago via site
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The "Guardian Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath".

  • 1323 days ago via site
  • 4,997

This is the "Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath".

  • 1323 days ago via site
  • 4,992

In celebration of pets being able to attack with Necromancer class, I've animated and turned a few of my items and characters into pets. This Phoenix Blade still has color custom accessory as a pet.

  • 1323 days ago via site
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These are Evil & Good weapons I created for DoomWood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaogzm2OjbI

  • 1336 days ago via site
  • 3,729

Here's an armor I made for DoomWood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUaDog-hDhg

  • 1336 days ago via site
  • 2,938

Here's a new weapon I added to my Juggernaut Quest.

  • 1342 days ago via site
  • 6,921

Had to make this characters' armor more prominent.

  • 1352 days ago via site
  • 8,334

I was told to add MORE skulls to this character... I fit them in where I could. Also was told the helm blended in too much with the armor.

  • 1352 days ago via site
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Necromantress robe.

  • 1352 days ago via site
  • 4,373

I was told to make changes: add a hood accessory and skulls. Personally I liked the my first version.

  • 1352 days ago via site
  • 4,343

This is my newest avatar, Nulgath.

  • 1365 days ago via site
  • 12,023

My instructions for this character was to add as many skulls as possible to his design. I may have gone too far.

  • 1365 days ago via site
  • 8,421

I just finished creating this zombie monstrosity.

  • 1365 days ago via site
  • 5,030

These are some characters I created for an upcoming event.

  • 1365 days ago via site
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Made some really disturbing monsters.The middle one has spiders crawling all over him which completes the effect.

  • 1388 days ago via site
  • 7,868

Here's a shot of the monster I made in the upcoming cutscene I just finished.

  • 1428 days ago via site
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