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TWELVE New Epic Characters are now LIVE! Find out what they are and also find out the progress of Card Customization! Be sure to visit, Malakai, the new NPC in the Town Lobby as well! Go to the #Oversoul Website to Find out More! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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This Friday, the Shaolin Monk's Rank up will be The Dire Monk! This plus many, many more characters you've waited for are coming! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Congratulations to our Winner Dante and the Top 100! Find out what #Oversoul has in Store Next for our Players! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Battle in this weekend’s PvP card game Tournament! This is #Oversoul's first Competition! Be a part of this Historic Oversoul Event! Find out the Details and Rules Here! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Early #Oversoul Update this Week! Find out what was Released! Also, see what Warlic and Rolith have in store for us! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Lately, when I'm not working day and night on Oversoul, I've been working on my line drawing again. Actually, drawing in a sketchbook... it's very rare! It's been helping me remember why I love to create, although the sorceress above I drew directly into Photoshop when I was in my drawing frenzy. This style of coloring is so much more work than the painterly style I usually use. I have a couple more characters I made in this style you'll be seeing soon!

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Oversoul Beta Revolution: Phase 1 is now Live! #Oversoul Plays like a completely new GAME!
Go check it out for yourself! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Oversoul Beta Revolution! The new battle interface is coming next week! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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There are MAJOR changes Happening in The Oversoul Beta Revolution! Find out what's going on with the #Oversoul Game! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Game Update v0.6.17 #Oversoul Beta Revolution Coming Soon! Find out What it Means for You! New Orc and Ogre Quests! The 2nd Character Suggestion Contest also coming soon! http://oversoul.artix.com

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Play Oversoul! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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One of 's Elite Guard in #Oversoul, The Pactonal Captain! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Rolith's Unlockable Shop! Character Sell Backs! Find Out More at the Official #Oversoul Site! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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I just finished drawing this variation of Nulgath! I've been feeling extra creative lately so you can expect to see a lot more new art posts on here in the coming weeks!

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vs. The Orcs! Visit the New Orc Lobby! Find out more at the Official #Oversoul Website! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Find out later today why no like the Orcs! #Oversoul

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has got a new look and a new agenda! Get ready to be CRUSHED!

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Game Update 03/01/13: Seven New Rank Up Characters! Find out who got Evolutions! Love Weaver's Return and Soul Gem Sell Back Test! Get more Details on the #Oversoul Website! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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The Orcs are Here! There's also New Oversoul Music by in-game! Be sure to thank him for his awesome music contribution! Him & have an Oversoul Music Album Coming Soon! Now Go Check Out the #Oversoul Website for Details on Today's Release! http://oversoul.artix.com/

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Orcs are getting ready to inhabit the World of #Oversoul! What types of Orcs would you like to see?

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