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Back to the basics.Something's wrong when you stop drawing for fun. Never turn something you enjoy into a chore.

  • 2220 days ago via site
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I haven't created anything worth sharing lately but I found this character turn around I made a couple months ago.

  • 2220 days ago via site
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I made some more purple monsters.

  • 2283 days ago via site
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This is the finished painting I made a couple weeks ago. I have a lot to learn. I'm still not where I want to be with my painting skills.

  • 2289 days ago via site
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I painted the dragon slayer.The more I look at my art, the more I see I need improvement.Drawing in one style for over 3 years is not a good way to broaden my skills.

  • 2289 days ago via site
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Here's my "Fiend of Miltonius" armor design. Some of the items I've posted are not released yet.

  • 2296 days ago via site
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Here's my "Blood of Miltonius" armor design.

  • 2296 days ago via site
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Here's my "Hex of Miltonius" armor design.

  • 2296 days ago via site
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After many sleepless nights, I finally finished this painting. Overall, I'm pleased with the result.

  • 2303 days ago via site
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"Emo Rockers" with tattoos.The tattoos are color custom so they can be turned to skin color if you don't like them.Also,two-toned hair color customization!

  • 2310 days ago via site
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I just finished drawing these.It's been a busy year.I have a lot of stuff I'm working on for Artix besides AQW.I'll post more about those other projects later.

  • 2311 days ago via site
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I just finished making these monsters. Happy Earth Day!

  • 2318 days ago via site
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I made these "Void of Miltonius" armors a while ago. They're extremely hard to get, but I plan to make them very useful in the future as I develop my personal AQW area.

  • 2338 days ago via site
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I just made finished making this weapon. I think I'll make another variation of it for my secret map.

  • 2338 days ago via site
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I just finished making this monster. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

  • 2338 days ago via site
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I just finished making this. It's probably obvious what these items are related too!

  • 2346 days ago via site
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Wow, I've made over 350+ monsters for AQW now...and here's another to add to the bunch. This thing was fun to draw and animate. I think it's the first 2 headed monster I've made for the game.

  • 2347 days ago via site
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These armors also have a surprise. Though they we're simple to make, I'm pretty satisfied with these vampire designs. I think the eyes have a lot to do with it.

  • 2352 days ago via site
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These armors have a surprise...

  • 2352 days ago via site
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It forces me to draw in ways I normally wouldn't and by doing that I learn new techniques. Here's some player polearm suggestions.

  • 2355 days ago via site
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