and here is where i wait counting hours and the days, i cant tear myself away.

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Little princess cup of tea for the little princess hahahahahahahahaha least I find meself funny anyway

Help av been stabbed

Why am I cryin laughin at my toolbar bein at the top of my laptop? Think av lost the plot hahahahaha why's it there?!!

Eeee did not know cheryl had this ugly tattoo!! What a twat, this is th ugliest tattoo av ever seen!! #oneoftheugliest

Hahahahahahaha apache givin himself black socks #muddyfeet

Tell him he can't sit on the top of the couch so he sits on a cushion:@ why is he so naughty :@:@:@

Happy birthday to me (for yesterday) #curemyhangoverpleasepleaseplease

Eeeeeee r nialls shins THROUGH shin pads!!! What the fuckkkkkkk

Jus a normal piccie #newyear

Properrrr love my crimmy nails! #claw #spazhand #glitter

Rekon he's comphy or wa?

Yessssss left over selection box from dads footy team #madeup

Loveeeee these! #meanttobeonadiet

Am I actually expected to put tha shit near my mouth? #fuckindisgustin

Hahahaahaahahahahahaha eeeeee picked up fringed leggins instead of plain ones hahahahaha fuckin ugly #whowearsthem

Not lookin forward to puttin all this shit away

Awwww bless him shiverin from the cold #wrappedup #cute #cold

Eeee rekon these like the colour brown or wa? #matchinbrownclothes #jeremykyle

Hahahaha awkward the way I thought this was a propa postcard #wellindelta

Maz gettin into the halloween spirit an doin the pumpkin THEN beggin me to take a picture of it #offherbarnett