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: Trust the LORD & his mighty power. -Psalm 105:4”

Look out for those Acts of God, though.

: but I do know that God exists”

:#Jesus Romans12:18 Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody.”


I used to hate blocking, but now I find it liberates me from mind-numbing conversations with morons.

Then she’s gorgeous no matter what she looked like, right? Lips or no?

: G O D I S G O O D”

As long as you’re rich. #ReligionIsSuperstition


Who sees this as a pro-vegan message and who sees this as a pro-dog-cuisine message?


: this asshole hates tiny
dogs ––>

So does this one, I’ll bet…


: Be patient until the Lord‘s coming - James 5:7”

Veeeeeeeerrrrrrrry verrrrrrrrrry patient…

Did he really say that? That is contemptible.

Keep talking, Pat. You give atheist liberals a good name.

: HomoSexuality Is A Sin by Minister Lee Rice - Faith Gospel Church -

I’m a fan of Poutine rapée, Acadian style. Mashed and grated potato with a small amount of pork.

Winter is my favorite season. A shrub in my back garden on the weekend.

Look at the list of accts followed by . Youll notice he’s more interested in media and fame than God.

Forget it. No point discussing logic with the superstitious.

It’s because of the superstition. Is there a difference between superstition and religion?

And is this part of God’s perfect beautiful design? Or was it not a designer item?

So you didn’t answer me. Is this God’s perfect beauty? Trisomy 13, btw.

: I never understood why #atheists celebrate Christmas & other religious holidays”

Clearer now?