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Face off #2 b/w cops and protestors #occupyoakland

Protestors block 14/broadway for last 10 minz #occupyoakland

Remnants of #occupyoakland evictions which began 4/4:30am this morning.

Riot police @ snow park armed n ready with battons, helmets, knee pads, and plastic cuffs #occupyoakland

This ice cream seller is definitely happy about the protests today #occupyoakland

”we got sold out. Banks got bailed out!” Protestors chanted #occupyoakland

” tell me wat democ secretly looks like!”... ” this is.what democracy looks like!” #occupyoakland protestors chant

”every.hr, evry day, the occupation is here to stay” chant protestors #occupyoakland

Amphitheater @ #occupyoakland filling up!

#occupyoakland march poster displays list of general group demands but (1/2)

How power is generated at #occupyoakland

” endism rd” wraps its way through #occupyoakland 's tent city

#occupyoakland 's kitchen serves steel cut oats for breakfast

Yoga class at #occupyoakland

Mayor Quan presents the city's public safety plan to oakland residents @ the neighborhood safety summit #oakmtg

Mayor Quan presents the city's public safety plan to Oakland residents at the neighborhood safety summit #oakmtg

Mayor Quan asked #occupywallstreet protestors not to urinate on the oak tree. They asked her to submit a proposal.

Mayor Quan listens to #occupy wallstreet protestors meeting in oakland

#occupywallstreet protestors hold a committee meeting in dowtown oakland

youth speaker: U dont keep youth safe by keeping us on lockdown. U keep youth safe by.giving them more opps #oakmtg