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Speechwriter for House Armed Services Committee. USAF, @foreignpolicyi, Weekly Standard expat. Obligatory chaff about RT ≠ endorsement here.

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Knowing is half the battle. The other half....

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Slow news day? Crazy media circus outside Rep Weiner's office...

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Sec Gates, Chairman Mullen giving their opening statements at Libya hearing

So, there are worse ways to watch the tourney...

Already a long line outside Georgetown Apple store. iPads are in, it seems

Rumsfeld at blogger's lunch this afternoon. Arms crossed here, but the "RumFu" hand gestures were on full display

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giving a fantastic talk on Afghanistan. Packed house here in Rayburn

I-66 outside my apt building is a parking lot. Bravo to , who called this storm ahead of everyone.

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Let's bury the hatchet. Diversity matters.

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little Christmas snow in Dupont Circle, taken from 's office - she's got the better view, alas.

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from one of my old ICBM manuals, an important diagram on missile hardness. Also appears in 2007 Penthouse forum.

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Y'know it's useful to remember that this anti-TSA backlash is not a new phenomena

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from the Modern Day Marine expo comes the most wicked looking gasmask *evuh* #militarymon #usmc

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I see you Team America&raise you my ICBM class patch from 4 yrs ago

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One of my favorite spots at #yellowstone, the Hayden Valley. Breathtaking

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killer hike to get out here, but totally worth it #Yellowstone

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Yellowstone really is the closest you'll get to an American safari

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Digging through some Yellowstone pics from last year: love this one

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Thanks, Georgian Air Force, for the killer ride up into the Caucuses

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