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Hello from Henley On Thames... On the Thames! #fuckyeah

My new garden friend. Is a bit massive, couldn't find anything handy for scale though...

Summertime at the end of the garden

Yay! Happy Thursday/Thor's day.

Got a meeting near the top of this thing shortly! Mega early *wanders in sun a bit*

#olympics nails attempt 2. And NOO SHOES, because I can. #Drpresents

I maed CRUMBLE! #omnomnom

Picked blackberries from le garden. Reminds me of when I was a kid :-)

New for today- a splash of gold to root for Andy! :-D

Watching with ... And mum and dad, out in the Kentish sticks

Here's hugging/humping one of those completely horrid #olympics mascots on our way home last night #london2012

Omg footballs! We're winning atm. Yay. #teamGB #olympics

Levs on fire, great little set. Pretties in Hyde Park :-) #lovelondon

Mark Chadwick of the Levellers everyone! :-D :-D

Woo silver swimming! #olympics @ Hyde Park

In Hyde Park with to see the Levellers! Anyone about? Ping me a DM :-)

Some good clouds, from over at the cricket nets

Garden pretties!

ruhroh, jelly shots!!