ramon jr.


death before dishonor, and i'll tell you what else.. i'll tighten my belt before i beg for help.

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yo bring some wine glasses to the Yellow/Black. we're poppin' bottles over here.. literally.

fuck you david stern and the lockout!

your sister just disappeared. and your other sister is gettin it in..

get your popcorn ready, trick.

new heresy speakers circa 1981, thanks craigslist!!

your highscore is nomore.

i'm awake now bitch. faded with

midnight snack.. lobster tail, mashed potatoes, and high life.

game time! oysters with

just saw at the grocery store..

who woulda thought the would be 3-0 against KC, OAK, and NE. wow!

4am and tired of s'mores. i think i'll bake some cookies. smh at

tired of s'mores. i think i'll bake some cookies.

s'mores at 3. you dont like em,
more for me.

wake your bitch ass up, we're still going.

gay ass sleeping in a doll house.. and cinderella is playing on the tv.

goin dumb on the beer pyramid. she may need help..


lets go!!
its crackin and we still goin!!

i could be at work right now. that would fkn suck. i'm glad i'm on #vacation.