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My backyard. #virginia

#Islam is our friend. #Islam is our friend. #Islam is our friend. #equality #lgbt

Lost dog on mountains to sea trial in #asheville.

My cat may be trying to smother me.

So, where are we at now? Cease fire or no?

Ain't nothing like a homemade Cobb salad w/ fried chicken & homemade honey Dijon dressing. #SuckItBitches #avleats

Why am I being notified of such things, & ? Are y'all famous or something? #avltmz

Louie is glad he has today off. He had a rough week at work.

I've either done something really right or really wrong.

Right now Fritz is telling Annie the story of Independence Day. He's a very good public speaker.

No desperation here. #ncdems #ncpol

Bet it's hot in your Burqa today, . #ncpol #Asheville #liberallogic

Cecil, is that you?

Your master calls, .

Hey , can you announce that #MoralMonday is hiring? If u like "orgaizing" that job's for you. #ncpol

Annie and Fritz would like to wish all you dads a happy Father's Day.

#MoralMonday movement is advertising on Facebook job openings for organizers. #ncpol

Is it just me or does Rev Barber look like a character from a Stephen King novel in this pic? #MoralMonday #ncpol

I had lunch with some peeps today.

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