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What the actual shit?

First pic ever w/ brobro

So what this tells you is I was never a kiss-ass and have never really liked people.

There you have it, folks.

Family Guy gone wrong.

Alleged jerk pork. Please begin the prayers.

I wish I could shove this in the govt's face. YOU FAIL SIR!

So. This is utter fuckery. You know that right? It says MADE IN ECUADOR. To rass.

Dolphins !!

Meanwhile...negril is still beautiful.

Sunset !

Still gorgeous tho ! I never want to leave my yaaaaaaaad.

Oh look. Went to Ricks and stumbled upon Gtown.

Closer to fuschia or lilac?

Bamboo Walk. So prettyyyy. Me love my yaad innuh !

Far but its usherrrrr

Shit pic but it is what it is. USHER COME TOUCH MI!

For .

Better shot of cut I guess.

Ahmm so. Its def short.

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