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Started the game with 5 vs 5. Then it became 1 vs 5! Hahahaha super funny.

When boredom strikes hehe

WEHHHHHH! Tolong lah. Apsal comel sangat?

LMAO! #RunningMan

Safely arrived! Thanks

Mesti lah paling popular. Aaron Aziz kottt! Haha congratulations Abang Long! :)

This definitely made my night. :)

Friday night with

Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there. #nowplaying

Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there. #nowplaying

LMAO! #RunningMan

Just spent the last 5 mins watching the way TOP walks out of the helicopter, in slow-mo. Stylo! #RM

I love you Mas Rama! Hehehe :p #TheRaid

Finally! Will tell you what I think about it later.

Look at us ! Ahh those were the days. Rindu gilaaaa :(

Hahahaha! #runningman

My cat Yoda is the cutest. Look at her! :D

Thanks to this, now my sore muscles are not so painful anymore. Banana boat punya pasal, hambikkkk!

Dalam kereta Mak takda CD best. Ada satu ni je boleh layan. So, layaaaaaaan!

Tau la besar nnt nk jd dentist, tp tak pyh la susun buku sekolah pun nk pakai mask tu Sarah oi haha

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