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Former Buckeye, currently Hoosier, always a Wolverine! Android themes, Android enthusiast, Computer/tech geek. #bAdGB #bAdroid

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Happy Friday everyone!

My #Moto360 face submission.

Happy Friday everyone!

Nights talon tomorrow

Talon theme almost done

My Saturday setup

Finally! Time to put on the shorts!

Don't think I've shared these here. New icons I'm working on. I'm about a month away from being done

why is the new tweet button here?

Seven years ago today, everything I cared about in life (except my wife) changed. Happy birthday little man!

I'm really happy with these. What do you guys think?

Took me long enough, but I might have finally settled on a design. ?

I have no words...

Long shadow all things

Double tweets for everyone or is this something in the latest Talon?


Anyone else noticing chrome beta blank tab layout has changed?

Is it ever going to end?

Last Talon theme for a while... I think.
Here's a temporary link if you want it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fj9odozhbp4ddyh/com.nmthemes.trektalon-1.apk

Happy Monday!

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