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Working with the IU Navigators. Occasionally contribute to Peegs. Former IDS bball scribe. I post pretty much only about sports (particularly, #iubb).

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You guys, I don't think they should play Ohio State-Marquette gm. Check out the condensation on court in the photo

  • 1324 days ago via site
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The biggest news from the #iubb game is that we know where Remy spent some time this summer. #tattooparlor

  • 1331 days ago via site
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Just got this photo from . Looks like his place is getting hit bad by #Sandy.

  • 1335 days ago via site
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Just a few more interceptions and the Colts would've won. #summaryfail

  • 1406 days ago via site
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#GoldSwagger hits Zambia. meets the University of Zambia Pacers.

  • 1438 days ago via site
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Two photos from Zambia. Met this stranger at the mall. I know that logo. He didn't know what it was. #IUinZambia

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One of the least bloody pictures of me beheading a chicken.

  • 1463 days ago via site
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UNC fan couldn't watch last shot, went in for the hug afterward. Must've married a Duke fan. Shot down.

  • 1599 days ago via site
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Went to Indy today for SB stuff. Impressed Indy went all out...even to the small (and very important) details.

  • 1603 days ago via site
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Here's a graph charting amount of ref complaints. It's real scientific. Getting close to going off the charts!

  • 1611 days ago via site
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Here's basic model (w/o weight to recent games). The value assigning is just my guess. What would you change?

  • 1621 days ago via site
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I got this e-mail from Amazon this morning. I think they may be targeting the wrong audience.

  • 1634 days ago via site
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Here's a screen grab merging both of Jordan Williamson's field goal misses together.

  • 1636 days ago via site
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Silly, sentimental hogwash. Look at 4 factors of winning. Two with biggest discrepancies? UC favored.

  • 1639 days ago via site
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From Purdue's Facebook page. The first comment is wonderful.

  • 1641 days ago via site
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So, the refs DID get it right. Here is the rule, straight from the NCAA football rule book. Gotta read fine print. #iufb

  • 1673 days ago via site
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Cardinals force Game 6! Good to know, Sports Illustrated () (h/t )

  • 1703 days ago via site
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Really, Not sure I needed to see this photo.

  • 1741 days ago via site
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Wait, this journalist says he doesn't write to win awards? I thought that was the whole point! #idseducated

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The white helmet, folks. #iufb

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