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hyper-local blogger in San Francisco, writing about life in SF via Muni. I'm Muni's biggest fan and defender

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Thbtt. I checked in literally in front of the sign

Donner Lake

It's snowing in Truckee!

Breakfast in Reno...parked at the station not a lot to look at yet.

We have been sitting here for a while here in slc..not sure why...while I wait I'm watching faux SF tv

Wrong again . #sxsw #fail Are you just being jerks on purpose or what?!?

in Utah as the ONLY person in first class should be in the Inner Funset by 6 tomorrow meanwhile here's a pic

Got up this am and train was packed. Now? Nada in the car behind mine ("the star car" as we are now calling it)

In Utah land of all kinds of things.

Also here is a pic of the conductor on the platform. I award you 3 razzberries and -1000000 internets

Goddamnit I am at the station. the problem is on your end not mine, jerks!

We have ever so slight a signal wayyy up in the mountains!

CO Rockies stadium

Crossing the Mississippi River to Burlington IA!!

I am! First night was ok but no sleeper car-now I'm on the zephyr and got the room! It's great!

And I got a six pack of these for 4 bucks! Hey, when in Chicago....

Home for the next 2 days! It's like a capsule hotel in Japan.

And here's the station:

Dear this is bullshit:

On out way to Pittsburgh PA...