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hyper-local blogger in San Francisco, writing about life in SF via Muni. I'm Muni's biggest fan and defender

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Darla's is officially closed! What restaurant will step up and deliver to the

N Judah vs. Truck battle in 4 3 2...

Proof the Old Guard is back in power:

Hanging out in the VIP tent #4sqday #4sqdaysf

So apparently the SFPD is ok with double parking...#fail

N OB delay at 7th and 8th due to medical emergency

Protest against arboretum fees tomorrow:

today was made for this shirt! order it at if you like...

This little dog was intently watching me drink coffee...

Some jackass double parking on 9th blocking outbound N

did you see the double decker car driving by Fauxlivia's apartment? I got a screen grab:

One of the zany-eat things ive seen on top of a newsstand in SF

Oh Tumblr, you are becoming the Dreamhost of free sites trying to build a user base to sell to Google or whomever

I think someone is dying on Irving street, but 2 good people and staff from Pasion are helping the person.

Booting up an ancient 2003 Mac while my Mac is at the Genius Bar

Annnd now the obligatory Green Beer:

Colin has a Mercury Dark Ale at the

Taking afternoon off to have a beer at the . MIGHT even have a few of these to give away?

A bit misty here on sacramento....

A piece of the old Lincoln Highway, which terminated at the Legion of Honor.