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my nerd shirt. you know it's right!

here ya go

LOL south park makes a current event funny

What exactly is the point of these mini Buds and Bud Lights?

hilarious. Newt wore a panda tie when meeting with Pres. Clinton.

Need to get this megakilowatt microwave outta here. want it? make an offer and it's yours HELLA powerful&barely used

City Tavern in Culver City. Great place, kinda SF-they put it on a pretzel burger and OMG it was awesome

exhibit 1 of about a a million re: simpsons

and now a NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE vid Liz Warren has ads on (omg teh googles) I hella warned ya don't unfollow

OK, so thanks for this as I've seen this on way too many cat videos (right?)

A Cain for President ad at liberal political site DailyKos. Why keyword based ad placement can hiccup:

still need MTA approval, tests have been done, but one of the Fs crashed an island. That said, this:

I was wondering why 828 Irving was selling Midori 2 for I know #occupykardashians #noreally

it was a homage to this:

ok designers who deserve to get paid! make #votemat poster like this! we made a shit-ton of $ of these in 2008

I think could use a similar poster. The Colbert, not mine. Adama, all mine. I copied .

an Irving Street Promenade. HELL YES #occupyIrvingstreet

ALSO: Lagunitas special tonight at : happy hour prices 9-11pm with fancy glasses