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Trombone Fatty. Hairy Hairy Quite Contrary. Shirty Girty. If it's popular, I don't know it.

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GIVE ME STRENGTH (look at the text, not the people)

Let's have a 'fill in the blanks' competition.


Today's theme is definitely 'queues'.

The great music and DVD backup starts with the beast. Everything will fly by after this.

Look! It's all happening here.

Travelling light.

Mum's watching Question Time and has texted me to ask who Nick Ferrari is. Is this a fair/accurate response?

Bloke just got on the bus with this beast and THREE kebabs. Hero.




Coming along nicely.

Come on...come on..........

Buy and hope for the best?

My birthday card from work. Who needs creativity? Or, indeed, sentiment?

A cheering sight on Buckingham Palace Road. Please note that Emma is not Welsh for Nathan.

Here is the Does Nothing bracelet in full flow: