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Has Oli eloped? IS HE GAY?

This has just been put through the letterbox. Are the Royal Ballet flyering every house in London? Expensive business.

25,000 attempts at being amusing/interesting and this is when one of my tweets goes big. Bloody cats.

Muswell Hill people: Have you seen our cat, Oli? He's been AWOL since Saturday.

What's missing from this description?

Pleasing ( )

I love the back streets of Southwark. I'm on Theed Street.

This is Christopher Adey. He conducted the National Youth of Wales when I was in it.

I make it 460, actually.


Mum gave me one of her spice mixes. "It goes nicely with some yoghurt". Mmhmm.

A beautiful example of clear temporary road signage in Cardiff.

Distinctly average lunch at Sal e Pepe in Cardiff. But at least I found out Berlusconi's little sideline.

Not getting a table seat is an argument in favour of the iPad.

Struggling for a use for your old accountancy rulebooks?


This is the camper van of the Chuckle Brothers.

Oh you bloody did! I texted them to you on Friday! Look!

The only luck involved in this bird shit is where it landed.

Thank you for your ideas for filling in the blanks this morning. I drew from all contributions.