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Is it priggish to refuse to listen to a programme because the title is a tired pun?

Interesting to note what YouTube suggests I watch next…

I got this error when trying to book on an iPhone. Crisis averted though. Sorry for swears and that.

Interesting error.

I was about to tweet something about climate change but then I saw my oven looking bored.

Ticket to Ride (Europe) #HamerChristmasGames

Today’s game is Settlers of Catan. #HamerChristmasGames

A flaky preacher for Whitchurch Tabernacle.

A glass of rum. #xmashatsonthings

Cheese. #cheese

Her Majesty The Queen #xmashatsonthings ()

Ticket to Ride is going well.

Cheese. #xmashatsonthings ()

Still being suggested as a friend, folks.

Last week I accidentally left Twitter logged in on Edinburgh-bound 's laptop. I chuckled. Harmless. Not now.


Nan's sent me a cracking photo from her iPad.

Just a bit of fun on the official London 2012 website.

Well done to and

St Katherine’s Dock is RESPLENDENT. Balls to the naysayers.