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NINJA SUPER SPY ★ Fragile family struggles with patriarch's impending death in bizarrely-titled Swedish film. Subtitled. BattleTag: nsuperspy#1717

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  • 1546 days ago via site
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I think I've found a new book to get all of my favorite authors and creatives to sign at conventions:

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Second Relictors Test Marine. Varnish didn't work as well this time, looks much crappier. Decal problems abound.

  • 1556 days ago via site
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Anybody want to see a bland as heck Relictor Tactical Marine? This guy's got Dullcote Problems, don't judge me.

  • 1562 days ago via site
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Ran into an Ally Death Knight in Tol Barad yesterday. Tried to PVP so this spasmodic nonsense happened.

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The Emmie-dog in her natural habitat.

  • 2082 days ago via site
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Found my animated Cataclysm territory shift map I worked up during the Alpha (from somebody else's maps).

  • 2257 days ago via site
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That think I was talking about at Romano's? Called CoolLine. See middle of action buttons.

  • 2774 days ago via site
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This gives a little scale to the size of this thing. Everybody knows how big Gurren Lagann is.

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