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I like the interwebz. I play videogames. I love unicorns, chihuahuas, beer, flag troops, and America

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Xbox. Taking advantage of a captive audience. #xboxreveal

Amazing amazing Minnie art just arrived in the mail from the talented and amazing !!! #iloveit

Ok, now it's TOO nice. #weathertweet #eatingweathercrow

Seattle, yes! I will marry you! #weathertweet #justkiddingmom #notmarryingtheweather

Happy hour with is the fucking best.

Aw, yeah! #weathertweet #weatherbrag

Minnie loves Billy's (aka ) butt!

This pic sums up Ike's visit to and house of friendship and magic for everyone:

TREMBLING KODAMAS!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omgomg ing.

It's really not a fun evening with friends until you snap a pic of your food.

This one's for ! #googlyeyed #HAWKEN #ECCC13

You know how if something gets too hyped then you have it and you're all "It didnt make me swoon" I'm swooning.

oh, Monday! (btw- got h4 started last night. Gj! I'm a master chief mech man!)

Everyone on the bus is wearing purple. I assume for a sport. serendipitous that Minnie and I are also wearing purple.

Ladies n gents: Team Legitimate Crepes

They got a Kassogtha here. This bodes well. Bring on the fire. and I are gonna mother of dragons all up in here

Sending all my love along the wiiiire!

Sentry guns set, lasers camo'd. Now Minnie and I are off to SLC!

we are friends!

what’s causing this?