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I'm sharing my bed with these sleepy puppies!

40 Easter cupcakes made today by yours truly #allflouredall

Is this a picture from 30 years ago? Nope, just Nicole dressing up too much for The Script tonight :/ #teacherlook

I love puppy updates! Look how big Molly is getting.

Aren't our cakes just darling! #latevalentinecakes #baker #cupcakes

I don't generally enjoy eating or like fish BUT I really liked my dinner of salmon fish cakes on rice w/ vegetables!

I think Zeke comes in joint first of cutest puppy in my life along with my sisters. He's so adorable!! #PDP

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Thank FUCK for puberty!!

With my favourite girl again today :D #puppy

Cute puppy in the snow!! I'm charging you all £5 for the "aww" you just said out loud. Gonna be rich in no time!

It's a quick take picture, not very good haha!

Gonna miss looking after this little bundle of fun!!

Do I match 's loser ways by drinking my tea out of this mug? ;)

What beats revision? Molly does!! #bestdistraction

Please let me go out, I'm a big girl now; I even have my lead on :) #cutefluffball #mollyoverload

I went, I played and I conquered! You can now all call me Queen Nicole ;) #bowlingchamp

How am I meant to get any work done when this cutie demands to be on my lap all the time? #catlady

My sweet Ebony taking care of me when I'm sick! #kitty #sick #loyalpet #cuddles #love

Back with this bitch!! #helloworld