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Jack. I'm devastated that you wont be there to meet me the next time I come home. RIP little guy, you were the best.

I got a new Hurley jacket. It's hot, looks better in person (on me)

We cannot have sexually suggestive messages in ads to combat AIDS. Careful looking @ this, it's obviously NSFW.

Best kitty!

The communal blanket, with some tenting #coldnightin

Chadstone just played this in the centre. Made me miss car trips with

This stuff is *the best*!

Mmm. Monday pop. Do you like, ? Sounds very Kylie.

Putting it out there now: this *will* be one of the albums of this summer. <3!!

Sadly, I'm still catering for the residents of Nokiatown by screen-capping my emoticon fuelled SMS's

Making my trip home > 1000 better. Thanks +

Song dedications: this ones for you, . Amazing track!

I feel like the shuffle function on my iPhone knows me and my life spookily well

I wear my heart on my iPhone case, apparently. I may have just out-gayed myself

This just about sums it up

she sounds amazing. The view is like this, though

Mmm. Full. Bloody good food, though!