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Can't do star jumps but know where apostrophes go, can't cook but can bake, and have never found a gadget I didn't need.

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For the love of God, this...

here you go


OK, we may have a winner

or this?

I made this today! #greatminds

*Unsubscribes from ALL THE THINGS!*

I can access it, but I get this? Am I being dense?

Inane tweet of the night goes to... (ping ) #RHOMelbourne

If you enjoy cooking with kids, u r either mental or on better drugs than mine. Related: can u DM the drug details?

But I also found this. Bear hug ring. Which I must own.

Here is another ring I found online. Pigeon claws. I can't even. ping

Here are two rings I found online. WHY EVEN WOULD ANYONE WEAR THEM?

The #mentalparentals have found this gorgeous lab in Taringa. No collar but microchipped interstate. Please share

"It's the dam (sic) editing." Ping

that was my 2nd fave part, after this

well, there was this...