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Sports Multimedia Specialist all over #chs. Owner: @Case_and_Point. Contributor/podcast host, @PensInitiative. From #pgh, living in #chs.

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Men at Work

One side was pressure washed by myself yesterday, one was not. Which is which?

This means my life is pretty much over.

- Man of Action

Lots more rain!


Max and Yoda want to know if I'll be working with Jagr this season #JagrWatch


Waking up to this in my inbox made me chuckle because I'm 14.

I'll be home in September, don't worry 'Burgh.

I am never going to stop complaining about this.

The fun continues...

Literally every morning I wake up, no matter the time, my 15 year old cat is right next to me.

WTF nature? Quarter until ten and its this, give me a break.

I hate this weather part 2

I hate this weather part 2

I hate this weather part one

Good Lord am I glad I'm inside right now

Not even going to pretend I'm making it to class on time today.

Twenty minutes outside and I'm sweating buckets. This could be why.