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New rap battle tomorrow. Monday show is gonna be a bit late this week, today is a day to rest and look at these :)

You know you're hungry when dog treats kinda look tasty..

The moment of high five between me and after our last long day of editing. #new #erb #onmonday

Perhaps the greatest, dumbest hat in the universe. #viewermail

Cool bar in hollywood. They sell these :)

Hi twitter homies, I'm back, and I'm watching onstage and want to show you. He's killing it:

Meeting cool fans like here in Virginia! Great crowd :)

Only in Houston? sells these picks and sent me this whole box of strings. :) they're awesome.

the irony of being in walgreens, listening to an ad for diabetes testing supplies whilst seeing this:

The thought of adding a delicious 6 dollar burger to my van massage makes this offer to good to refuse.

Yes, if you can, go! RT : Should my friend Chris and I see for the ?

Bam. I just took my survival tools up a notch.

Dear blue robot guitar amp, you make me very happy every day. Thank you for existing.

okay. I Gotta go back to work. I'm wearing silly pants, and here's a new video for you:

oops. Forgot the accompanying photo.

wait... in the van?

me and Lloyd and Dante+rehearsal=no ladies allowed.

My friend Greg helped me make the music for today's Monday show: He also made this:

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