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Who else is loosing connection to host on the regular on blops2 & getting probation??

rough stuff is dumb. Here look at my baby

Finally, something to put into my empty tin case. <3 StabStabStab #ACIII

So I dyed my hair....O.o I took needing a change way out of my normal comfort zone. Lol

Come at my bro

om nom nom

Sadness. #NHL #Lockout

We got to visit the Discovery shuttle too.

There are still #decepticons among us. #Jetfire

I'm gonna just leave this right here for you. #foodporn

My baby is also a super hero

I am so behind..Congratulations!!! She has been keeping me off twitter lol ;)

it's an omen that I keep running into this stuff randomly. Words-I haz none!!!!

food porn for you ;)

My tiny ninja - rocking the Pink Superman onesie #fangirlintraining


Anybody else wonder if Walt & Jesse are inside when they see this? #BreakingBad

I asked the security guard where this door lead. He said they had to make it big enough for Tyler Myers #sabres