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& then...just when I was wondering if I should refrigerate half of this cuppa for mañana, a package arrived...'re good to my skin

I don't know why but I love this Planking stuff. it's ridiculous, performative stuff. humans are ridiculous. good.

I do so much kicking that instead of calf muscles, I've grown little butts on my legs

Mmm. Leftovers.

yeah. it's curbside weather again. pure love.

Another day of getting weird tan lines cuz I kept a tank top on not realizing the sun was so strong. dammit.

here again!

walkin with the girls to the grocery store


Also: noting the bottle in Hyun-seo's hand at the gym/wake scene is Shoju. mmmm, Shoju. #thehost

That was my fridge in Seoul. Here's a screenshot of the Host, right before the monster grabs the can.

Noting now that in The Host, the 1st can thrown in the Han River at the monster is Hite beer!

Whoa, The Quintet: Jazz at Massey Hall is valuable, too. One cat has Buy-It-Now price of $300. 30 day auctions, hm

me neither! well worth it. here's what followed:

this is how McD's rolls in Seoul: [photo] RT McDs needs to start delivering.

it was quite a plane ride.

Time to take a bike ride.

Yay clean laundry means fresh uniforms.