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Never The Bride is the clothing line by: Courtney Love Cobain and pipa greenbank @pipadontpreach

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ultimate ntb girl found me and the annabeth and lillian gish estate and it was worth it and thank you your a real santa claus and i mean it, fuck what anyone says and fuck them again, youve been nothing but great to me and someday bean will get it, get that letter so we can end your fucking trial cos ken may be annoying but no way can he get bought off he wouldnt know what it meant, sort of like he wouldnt know a supeona if it bit him eg how to serve on on another lawyer but stil hes OUR annoying guy, he just drives me to stay the fuck up all night on the fucking internet can we get a retstraining order i dont have time and the printer does not work again can you believe? anyway that was a real mitzvah thank you estates like that dont come around ever. x

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we will meet again this month this time i cannot wait to be wearing that suit for the next 8 months or whatever the cycle is, did you speak to ? i feel wierd asking you , i mean i will not on twatter but i will just speak to klaus, i dont want to wear anything else but my uniform - i love you hedi you have so much pure integrity - you and klaus are my favorite germans alive. xxx

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nancy spungeon and this must have been an interesting night- i read spungeons mothers book when i was 18 and thought "my mother will do this to me too someday" ( essentially the suburban mom blames spungeon a nice jewish girl for just being a bad seed) and indeed she did, but thats where any comparison ends but im fascintated by her short life.

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tis a cool fucking tattoo dude, i wish i had the balls still.. look at the details on the poppies@

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story of my life, formerly.

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oh do shut up your such a guilty pleasure!

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r words do fail me but really, why do all rockstar children smoke ? i think you anbd bean need to be friends. your in the same league style wise. i hope your a nice kid, i have o clue, buyt ya sure look cool dude. love this pic its on my moodboard get an electtic cigarette though i have started and they work.

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whichever one of you ( mary k) i traumatised back in the day i know i keep mixing it up, nice to see you ashley you looked bummed but dude you cannot take a bad photo so dont be TOO bummed. and i love

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this is a very NTB girl i have no clue who she is i dont think shes a model would know and hed kick your ass too, scott were you at fishers after thing last night? you looked so handsome! i am DYING TO PLAY DYING WE HAVE TO SET THE DATE FIRM BUT AM THINKING VALENTINES DAY, ask as i think we have a new girlfriend her name is Carolina.

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with all the kook colours from the only one im truly obsessed with other than really really well done strand by strand pastels that are ombre is this SILVER HAIR this is fucking cool

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cyrinda fox was cool in her day if you dont know who she was your not a rock fan i love the supergroupies, she was a totally rad super groupie and i think she made children too.

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for the queen only, naturally

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in ummm speechless i am a 40 if you and santa want to have a talk hint HINT HINT omg if not where do i find they don t have in the west villahge MUST HAVE

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just very cool henna bits how stylish

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ume this is one of the most stylish femme coupling shots i have ever seen, oh yeah milla did you decide to cast in resevil 3 cos i love her she is so cool, you were both awesome.

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Cute but in real life more bette davis than 1 would like she cant wear her own clothes shes too old!

Uh forget the grooming how am i doing on the english countyside thing?i could've pulled it off

sometimes i am your best worker mj!

Whose gams?