Do you realize, we're floating in space? Knicks, Arsenal. Written stuff in Buzzfeed, Deadspin, SB Nation, The Classical, Grantland. I know, I'm surprised too.

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This radar looks promising

Seen in Soho: The Justice League


Beautiful afternoon, heading home to Brooklyn

Can you smell what the Kristic is cooking?

Tree dog "ReRun" haunting the office plants

Vicious attack dog Milton

Why does this picture of my Mom & Godfather continue to crack me up?

Before he was an assistant in MIA with Pat Riley, Stan Van Gundy played Oates in a Hall&Oates cover band.

Actual exchange from last night- My friend Eric sings "Grab a hold..." Jay-Z "Grab a 'ho'? I'm outta here"

Every time I don't go out cool happens. How cool? The guy on the left is my friend Eric, the guy on the right is who u think.

Big fire in soho and a fireman down!

I'll be there thru the good and bad

Sources confirm Milton will join Re-Run under the table.

Milton is ready for lunch at The Palm

Nothings going to happen tonight people! So here's another pic of my dog.

Let's take a break from Free Agency and consider my dog chewing on athletic cup.

My jobs factory knows how to do the World Cup!

Not kidding, my brother looks alot like Tiger