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"Gentleman, we're not not in Kansas anymore!" #ImInKansas

"Kids...Honey...from now on, we shit TOGETHER. As a FAMILY!"

Wow! Chicago O'Hare Brookstone sells vibrators! For reals! #SoloMileHighClub #ChicagoOhGodOhGodHare

GAHHHHH!!!! Avengers was delightful kick-assery with whipped fun on top!!! Well done Joss et al!

Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in MPLS has "Vermicious Knids" on the wall menu (& in the corner)

Thank you to for my Time Capsule: cheese plate, veggie tray, sock, food voucher & a rose

Thank you for a wonderful finale!! Note my awkward prom pic arm:

I'm finally doing it! Always seen this place off the 5 Fwy, pulled in on a whim:

Thx ! This collector's ed. of #MassEffect3 is in my grubby paws! Incidentally, I am also rated M for "Mature".

Wheeeeeeeeee!!!! #GDC

per your request #MrWienerpants

Behind the Paramount in Austin. Show in 30 min! Tweet us w/ hashtag #NerdistAustin

Me & thumbsupping on :

Hey & I found your poster .

Awesome!!! Encountered a zombie pub crawl on the way to the show. #gah #grrr #moan


Playing Doctor Who pinball . Only goes up to Sylvester McCoy but still rad! Also wearing Dalek tshirt.

Enjoying Ken's Artisan Bakery goods w/ the lads. (One of my favorite eateries in the country) #PDX

Awwwww... made us a cake for our shows tonight!!! #deliciousshow

At Walking Dead after party. My date doesn't look well...she's frisky though!! Couldn't keep her mouth off my face.