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stephen thinks makoto and rin are the most dateable free! guys and has indepth thought about haru. HEHE

last pic saved meme!! tagging whoever wants to do it. I never know who to tag ;__;

nozomi boob power

i hate everyone

new dress and undershirt crop top thingy from shopping today! yay! :D

laughing pls don't Japanese if you're using わ...

my bracelet is made and is being sent over to my friend's house. i hope she will be surprised


someone's going to get married at afest, I cannot believe

anime matsuriiiiii

guy on the right

like really???

so freaking dumb. I'm not even going to censor it the names because lol

why is this guy

this guy is so buttmad over the littlest things it's really funny

my friend's gamagoori progress! his first sewing project and prop work >u< I'm so proud

the guys are making it seem like we're talking about no drinking at all or smth and stephen pisses me of

my friend walked into his exam room and this was on the board hahahaha... "I'm screwed"

jfc this dude

is this guy serious omg. anime cons...

is this guy serious omg. anime cons...