Warren faulkner


NORTH EAST INFIDEL... And a general thug loves drink and fighting

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lol no someone sent me it ...

yeah that's it I'm jealous..hahahahaa you've sussed me out ...


I know mate how embarrassing...hahahaa this is

If a religion that says its peaceful can do this ,then that religion needs to be stopped

wel dick I know who you are and where you live I told you it wouldn't take me long

how's your mate richard (dick) pilmore ...has he invited you over for tea yet..lol

tower hamlets needs a good sorting out

Quality plackard think ill make one up

Let's be having you

....here you go dick I found you a bride ...oo suits you

I've look hard and I think I've got him a date ...lol

http://bit.ly/17JUzYc ...hi people say hello to ....

:HI dick .....

sorry been really busy with work , I've found you your perfect bride..ENJOY


"my mum says I'm speshial when I grow up ,the uaf said I can have a badge

Love being at work in the sun ..its class

Muslims are not scary people ....honest

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