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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

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It's all about the invisible dogs.

Trying out the camera of my new Nexus S phone. Dog in the snow.

Goodnight world. It's goodnight from me, and it's goodnight from them.

I am home. It's not too cold yet. The dogs seem happy to see me.

Sydney Opera House opening act . They were faberoonie.

Me and FourPlay stumbling towards the end of the studio day.

Lunch has been eaten. I will be recording my bit in the glass box with the sparkly lights.

In the studio. Never recorded with a string quartet before. I hope they will be kind.

The third act of the world's finest party seems to involve on violin....

This is Peter Nicholls, godfather of SF, and , queen of Melbourne

At the best gardenparty ever entertain us and break hearts.

Writing a story in my beautiful personalized notebook, a gift from .

Watching and Judy Collins on ABC 774 conversation hour. Great way to start a morning.

In which I meet the Golden Possum and am told many secrets.

Making new friends at Bonorong. I give them food.

Feeding the Tasmanian Devils Roadkill at Bonorong yesterday (Photo Ron Nordin)

At Bonarong. meets a golden brush-tailed possum.

Greg Irons from Bonorong demonstrates that Tasmanian Devils are sweeter and cuddlier then their reputation would have you believe.

At Bonarong. meets a golden brush-tailed possum.